Crossing Points With Belmont Eruv

Since the Belmont Eruv shares a boundary with the Stanmore & Canons Park Eruv, it is possible, for those who wish to make use of this facility, to carry across from Stanmore to Belmont and vice-versa. This is subject each week to both Eruvim having been checked and declared operative.

Please note that the Stanmore & Canons Park Eruv and the Belmont Eruv are independent of each other.

Both Eruvim are operated under the supervision of the London Beth Din.

The two Eruvim meet at the following points on the boundary of the Stanmore Eruv:

  • At the southern end of Howberry Road just before Whitchurch Lane
  • At the southern end of Longcroft Road just before Whitchurch Lane
  • In Marsh Lane by the gas works
  • In Abercorn Road by Stanburn School
  • At the southern end of Belmont Lane just before Wemborough Road
  • The footpath linking Wolverton Road and Gordon Avenue by the side of the Stanmore Golf Course Car Park can be used as a thoroughfare subject to both Eruvim being declared operative
  • The footpath/right of way from Weymouth Walk (Gordon Avenue opposite The Chase) across the Stanmore Golf Course to Vernon Drive corner with Mountside and Beverley Gardens
  • At the southern end of Maytree Gardens - footpath leading to The Highway
  • At the western end of Gordon Avenue by Berwick Close

It is the responsibility of every individual who wishes to use an Eruv to check each Friday, that the Eruv they wish to use is operational - for the Belmont Eruv please check its status at: []

These are the relevent maps:
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