Mission Statement

The Charity's objective is to construct and maintain facilities relating to Sabbath observance by Jews, particularly in the London Boroughs of Harrow and Barnet, including (without limitation) the publication of material in connection with this by all media, the conducting of lectures, talks and seminars, the furtherance of Orthodox Jewish Education and all allied charitable functions.

The objective will be met by the construction of an Eruv which, in accordance with Orthodox Jewish teaching defines the boundary of an area considered to be one domain.

This permits certian Sabbath restrictions to be lifted, such as carrying.

An Eruv is constructed by utilising some existing structures such as fences, supplemented by poles and wires.

The Eruv will benefit many sections of Orthodox Jewry including yourg parents, the elderly and the infirm, since the restriction on carrying on the Sabbath extends to carrying children or pushing buggies and wheelchairs.

The Eruv relieves these restrictions.

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